Billing via WHMCS

This detailed manual describes how to upgrade and refill the account via WHMCS billing system.

At the moment WHMCS system is used by, Everdata,, Scaleforce, ServNet, UniCloud, TelecomLux, eApps, Click&Cloud, DataCenter, SaveInCloud, CloudKilat, Levira, Platform 4 Developers, InterHost, Hidora, Box, MassiveGrid, Hosted.nlOpus Interactive, AdaptainerDiadem Technologies and Linevast.

A. Upgrade

1. Click the Upgrade trial account button and choose the same-named line in the drop-down menu.

upgrade trial

2. In the opened window fill in the required fields and tick the line with Terms of Service agreement. Click Upgrade button.

upgrade to paid
  • After this if you have the WHMCS account registered for the same email as the Jelastic account, they are going to be connected automatically.

  • And if you do not have the WHMCS account, Jelastic will generate it automatically. As a result you’ll receive the email with the URL to your WHMCS admin panel and credentials (login and password).

3. Choose the payment method and specify the sum within a slider. Then click Submit and confirm your choice.


  • consider that VAT amount is not displayed in Jelastic UI

  • some hosting providers propose the alternative payment methods given in addition to the default ones. In this case you’ll be offered to contact the hosting provider in order to use some other ways of funding.

trial to paid conversion

a. If you choose a card as a payment method:

Specify your card details and click Continue.

whmcs payment

In the opened  Purchase Authentication window type the password for full authentication.

b. If you choose PayPal as a payment method:

  • with PayPal account

Press the Log In button and enter your PayPal account credentials (email and password) to make a purchase.

paypal loglog in paypal

After the conversion completing you'll receive the emails with information about your account converting and refilling. Also the same information you will see in the message appeared at the dashboard.

Note: if you would like to use the Jelastic balance auto-refill option, don’t forget to tick the "I'd like to use PayPal for future payments to {hoster's name}" line while making the purchase:

paypal autorefill
  • without PayPal account

If you would like to use the PayPal payment method, but haven’t the PayPal account yet, just click the Buy as a guest button. Specify your billing information in the opened window.

paypal guest info

In the next window fill in all the fields and press
Continue. After that type your debit/credit card details in the appeared window.

paypal guest

You'll receive the emails with information about your account upgrade and refilling. Also the same information you will see in the message appeared at the dashboard.

Note: With this method of payment you won't be able to use auto-refill option in Jelastic dashboard.

B. Refilling

1. In order to replenish your account click Balance button at the dashboard and choose Refill balance line in the menu. State the sum using slider and click Submit Payment.

refill balance

that the VAT (tax amount) will be shown only while proceeding the payment in the order.

a. If you use a card as a payment method:

Type your card details and click Proceed.

card refill

: In the case you’ve already refilled your account with this card, you won't need to enter card details again, just confirm the refilling.

b. If you use PayPal as a payment method:

Log in to your PayPal account and complete the purchase.

paypal refill

After the replenishment completed you'll receive the emails with information about your account converting and refilling. Also the same information you will see in the message appeared at the dashboard.

2. Also you are able to configure the auto-refill due to your demands. For that choose the Configure auto-refill item in the drop-down menu.

configure autorefill

In the tab opened state the sum you would like to put on your account.

Then choose the refilling frequency:

  • weekly (every Monday);

  • monthly (1st of each month);

  • when balance less than the stated sum (up to your choice).

Confirm your choice.

autorefill visa

As WHMCS doesn’t truly supports auto-recharge feature Jelastic only
automatically creates (threshold or monthly trigger based) order for a particular recharge card. So the payment can be made in two ways:

  • Automatically if you have a positive WHMCS balance that greater or equals to order amount.

  • Manually by completing the payment using the email confirmation automatically sent every time due to the configured conditions.

If you want to switch off the Auto refill option, click the link to disable it.

switch off autorefill

3. After clicking the Payment methods menu item in the drop-down list you can select your default payment method which will be used automatically while refilling.

4. Click View invoices to open WHMCS admin panel with your Billing history which includes all financial documents issued for your Account (namely, Invoices, Orders, Payments, and Adjustments).


5. Click Billing history to view the data about consuming the resources of your balance by Jelastic.