Access Linux VPS Container via Public IP

It is possible to access your VPS container by means of any preferred third party SSH software via the attached external IP address. Such connection will provide the same full root access level as while working over Jelastic SSH Gate.

Tip: Locate your Public IP within administration data, received via email upon environment setup or navigate to the dashboard and press Additionally button next to the required node.

vps with public ip

Below, we’ll consider examples of connecting over Public IP to VPS container, based on the operating system you use:

Note: In confines of Windows-based VPS containers, the remote desktop protocol (RDP) is used to perform any required server configurations.

Thus, you can connect to the virtual desktop of your Windows machine and manage it via the:

Public IP Access for MacOS/Linux/BSD

Access a preferred SSH tool (OpenSSH in our example) and by its means connect to your VPS server with the below steps.

1. Open your terminal and run the following command:

ssh {username}@{hostname}
  • {username} - login received via email upon environment setup
  • {hostname} - attached Public IP address

ssh external ip vps

2. Next, you’ll be asked to confirm your identity by specifying a password (sent with administratration data after environment creation).

ssh authentication vps

That’s it! Start managing your VPS container and apply any required configurations. You can adopt the current procedure to establish connection by means of any preferred 3d-party SSH tool.

Public IP Access for Windows

In confines of Windows OS, choose a compatible tool to establish SSH connection via Public IP to your VPS container. For that, we’ll execute PuTTY client in the below guidance.

1. Access your Window-dedicated SSH client, navigate to the Configuration tab and establish Session by specifying your Public IP address into the appropriate Host Name field.

ssh external ip windows

Press the Open button, once required data is specified.

2. Within the appeared Console, you’ll be asked to state your credentials, i.e login and password (received via email upon environment setup).

ssh access vps windows

That’s it! Now, as SSH connection via Public IP to remote VPS is established, you can start its autonomous management with full root permissions granted.