Tomcat is the most popular open source application server among our developers, but for those of you who need more enterprise-ready server, we added TomEE+.

TomEE+ is an all-Apache stack aimed at Java EE 6 Web Profile certification where Tomcat is top dog.

Apache TomEE+ provides application developers with the best technology stack that can be deployed to a simple Java EE container. This application server combines several enterprise projects including Apache OpenEJB, Apache OpenWebBeans, Apache OpenJPA, Apache MyFaces and more. In one word: Tomcat + Java EE = TomEE.

The Web Profile version of TomEE contains:

  • CDI - Apache OpenWebBeans
  • EJB - Apache OpenEJB
  • JPA - Apache OpenJPA
  • JSF - Apache MyFaces
  • JSP - Apache Tomcat
  • JSTL - Apache Tomcat
  • JTA - Apache Geronimo Transaction
  • Servlet - Apache Tomcat
  • Javamail - Apache Geronimo JavaMail
  • Bean Validation - Apache BVal

TomEE+ is a full-blown app server, but at the same time it stays simple and avoids architecture overhead. "Less is more" is the philosophy of Apache TomEE. It delivers Java EE 6 Web Profile in the simplest way possible. So, this application server runs without any additional runtime requirements or startup time for larger applications and it's compatible with most of Tomcat-aware and Tomcat-tested tools.

How to Get Apache TomEE Up and Running in Jelastic Cloud

Use our one-click widget

or follow the instruction:

  1. Log into the
    Jelastic Manager

  2. Click Create environment:

  3. In the Environment topology window, select TomEE as your application server, set the Cloudlets limit and click Create.

  4. use java

    Now your environment with TomEE is ready for deployment.