Supported OS Distributions for Containers

Currently, the following Linux distributions are supported as a base of containers that could be deployed at Jelastic PaaS and properly handled by the system (this information is subject to change):

DistributionVersionVZ Template
Alpinealpine 3alpine-3.x-x86_64
CentOScentos 7centos-7-x86_64
centos 8*centos-8-x86_64
Debiandebian 9debian-9.0-x86_64
debian 10debian-10.0-x86_64
debian 11*debian-11.0-x86_64
RHELRHEL 7centos-7-x86_64
Ubuntuubuntu 16.04ubuntu-16.04-x86_64
ubuntu 18.04ubuntu-18.04-x86_64
ubuntu 20.04ubuntu-20.04-x86_64
ubuntu 21.04ubuntu-21.04-x86_64


  • Containers based on the CentOS 8 OS template do not support NAT services, which results in the following limitations:
  • Containers based on the Debian 11 OS template are not supported on the platforms below the 6.0 version.

In order to run containers of another type, please, contact us to negotiate the appropriate OS support.

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