Shared Load Balancer

The Jelastic Platform provides you with a Shared Load Balancer (resolver). It represents an NGINX proxy server between client side (browser, for example) and your application, deployed to the Jelastic Cloud.

Shared LB processes all incoming requests, sent to a domain name ({user_domain}.{hoster_domain}), where environment entry point (balancer, application server or even database) does not have a Public IP address attached.

The common Shared LB processes the requests, sent to all of the applications, located within the same hardware node. In order to be protected from DDoS attacks, Shared Load Balancer is limited to 50 simultaneous connections per the source address of the request.

To increase the high availability of the system, Jelastic uses several synchronized Load-Balancers, placed at different nodes, for handling requests simultaneously. All of them work with a single data storage, which makes them fully interchangeable in case of any issue occurs at one of the instances.

As a result, there can be several entry points for users' environments, used at the same time. In this way, the incoming load can be effectively distributed.

We recommend to use Shared Resolver for your dev and test environments. As for production environments, which are intended to handle high traffic, it is more appropriate to use your own Public IP for getting and processing the requests. Also, it allows you to apply a number of additional options to your application, which may help to make it more secure (e.g. with Custom SSL) and responsive (through attaching Custom Domain).

Public IP vs Shared Load Balancer