Remote Access to PostgreSQL

You have an opportunity to work with your databases remotely from your computer via Public IP without having to login to our dashboard. Here's a how-to for PostgreSQL users. It can be used both for Java and PHP environments.

  1. Create an environment
    1. Log onto

    2. Click the Create environment button at the top left of dashboard.

    3. In the Environment Topology wizard pick desired application server (e.g. Tomcat 6) and PostgreSQL as the database you want to use. Switch on Public IPv4 feature for PostgreSQL. After that enter your environment name, for example, remotepostgres, and click Create button.

    4. It can take about a minute for creating your environment.

    5. Click Info button next to the PostgreSQL database and you'll see your Public IP at the end of the dropdown list.

  2. Remote connection to PostgreSQL
    1. Create a new connection using any desktop client for PostgreSQL (we'll use SQL Manager for PostgreSQL as an example).

    2. Enter the Host name of your database (your Public IP), port number (5432), username and password (while creating the environment Jelastic sent you an email with PostgreSQL credentials). Click Next.

    3. Then register your database: enter your database name, alias, client encoding and other specific options. Click the Finish button.

    4. Then you will see that connection is successfully established.

      Now PostgreSQL remote access is configured and you can start querying.