Jelastic 5.7.8

This document is preliminary and subject to change.

In this document, you will find all of the new features, enhancements and visible changes included to the Jelastic PaaS 5.7.8 release.

Improved Deployment Hooks Logging

Added timestamp for the hook execution success record in the hooks.log file

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Disabling and Hiding Fields via Cloud Scripting

Added the hidden and disabled parameters to respectively hide or make the appropriate field item inactive

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Enlarged Timeout for Operations

Increased timeout for management operations to support comprehensive solutions

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Software Stack Versions

Actualized list of supported OS templates and software stack versions

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Fixes Compatible with Prior Versions

Bug fixes implemented in the current release and integrated to the previous Jelastic versions through the appropriate patches

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Bug Fixes

List of fixes applied to the platform starting from the current release

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Enlarged Timeouts for Operations

In the present 5.7.8 Jelastic release, the timeout on the creation and management operations for the comprehensive solutions (such as WordPress cluster) was enlarged. Namely, the time limit for the infrastructure components to perform the relevant actions was changed from 20 to 60 minutes.

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Improved Deployment Hooks Logging

In the current platform release, the logging process for the deployment hooks execution was improved. For now, the last log record (about successfully applied hook) is additionally provided with a timestamp. In combination with the already specified operation start time, this change allows easily determining the total duration of the deployment hook execution.

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Disabling and Hiding Fields via Cloud Scripting

Starting with the 5.7.8 Jelastic upgrade, two new parameters support was implemented for all of the field types, which can be defined for the JPS package via Cloud Scripting:
  • disabled - if set as true, makes an item inactive and non-editable (false, by default)
  • hidden - if set as true, the appropriate item won’t be displayed (false, by default)

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Fixes Compatible with Prior Versions

Below, you can find the fixes that were implemented in Jelastic 5.7.8 release and also integrated into previous Jelastic versions by means of the appropriate patches.

Jelastic 5.7.8
#Compatible fromDescription
JE-500493.3Dependency error occurs when trying to update the Let’s Encrypt add-on
JE-502333.3MySQL database is empty after installing the Magnolia CMS package
JE-498365.4WordPress Cluster installation should be restricted for accounts without sufficient quotas
JE-502315.4The Web Application Firewall option should be configurable for the standalone WordPress package during the installation
JE-502695.4The “error 500” page is displayed when opening the standalone Magento package in the browser

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Software Stack Versions

Check out the list of the most accurate Jelastic software stacks for the current platform version:

StackJelastic 5.7.8
Apache Balancer2.4.41
Apache PHP2.4.41
Apache Python2.4.41
Apache Ruby2.4.41
CentOS (VPS)7.6
Couchbase CE5.1.1; 6.0.0
Debian (VPS)9.11; 10.0
Docker Engine CE17.12; 18.09.7; 19.03.2
GlassFish3.1.2.2; 4.1.2; 5.1.0
Golang1.12.13; 1.13.4
HAProxy1.9.7; 2.0.8
LiteSpeed Web ADC2.5.1
LiteSpeed Web Server5.4.1
MariaDB5.5.66; 10.4.9
MongoDB2.6.12; 3.6.13; 4.0.10
MySQL CE5.6.45; 5.7.27; 8.0.18
NGINX Balancer1.16.1
NGINX Ruby1.16.1
NodeJS6.17.1; 8.16.1; 9.11.2; 10.16.3; 11.15.0; 12.13.0; 13.0.1
Payara4.1.2.181; 5.192
Percona5.6.6.44; 5.7.26
PostgreSQL9.6.15; 10.10; 11.5; 12.0
Redis4.0.11; 5.0.5
Shared Storage2.0-6.5
Spring Boot2
Tomcat7.0.96; 8.5.45; 9.0.24
TomEE7.1.0; 8.0.0
Ubuntu (VPS)16.04; 18.04
Varnish4.1.8; 5.2.1; 6.3.0
WildFly10.1.0; 11.0.0; 12.0.0; 13.0.0; 14.0.1; 15.0.1; 16.0.0; 17.0.1
Windows (VPS)2012
AdoptOpenJDK8.0.222; 9.0.4; 10.0.2; 11.0.4; 12.0.2
Amazon Corretto8.222.10.1;
Eclipse OpenJ90.9.0-; 0.9.0-10.0.2; 0.11.0-8u192-b12; 0.11.0-11.0.1; 0.15.1-8u222-b10; 0.15.1-11.0.4; 0.15.1-12.0.2
GraalVM CE19.1.1; 19.2.0
Liberica JDK8.0.222; 11.0.4; 12.0.2
Oracle JDK Dev7.0_79; 8.0_202; 9.0.4; 10.0.2; 11.0.2
Oracle OpenJDK7.0.231; 8.0.222; 10.0.2; 11.0.4; 12.0.2; 13.ea-b33; 14.ea-b14
Zulu Community7.0.232; 8.0.222; 11.0.4; 12.0.2
PHP 55.4.45; 5.5.38; 5.6.40
PHP 77.0.33; 7.1.33; 7.2.24; 7.3.11
Ruby2.3.8; 2.4.9; 2.5.7; 2.6.5
Python 22.7.17
Python 33.4.10; 3.5.7; 3.6.9; 3.7.5; 3.8.0
Node.js6.17.1; 8.16.1; 9.11.2; 10.16.3; 11.15.0; 12.13.0; 13.0.1
Go1.12.13; 1.13.4

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Bug Fixes

In the table below, you can see the list of bug fixes applied to the platform starting from Jelastic 5.7.8 release:

Jelastic 5.7.8
JE-48798Extra email notification is sent upon signing up via the old activation link
JE-50214Issues with isolation upon creating a large number of isolation sets (groups)
JE-50274Error when following the welcome tutorial in the dashboard

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