Jelastic 5.7

This document is preliminary and subject to change.

In this document, you will find all of the new features, enhancements and visible changes included to the Jelastic PaaS 5.7 release.

Dashboard Search

Integrated a built-in search panel for the dashboard to easily locate the required elements (environments, containers, deployments, etc.)

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Cloud Scripting Improvements
  • A possibility to get data (the globals, actions, addons, responses sections) from another manifests using a new mixins directive
  • Improved conditioning via scripting with the new else, elif, switch actions
  • Multi-select functionality for the Envlist visual setting (with an ability to set the minimum/maximum number of required environments, delimiter symbol, etc.)
  • Multiple new functions for data processing (join, toJSON, print, contains, toBase64, md5, fromBase64)
  • Provided additional logging for the creation/deletion of the CS application

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NFSv4 Support

Provided full support of the latest NFSv4 protocol for the Jelastic Shared Storage Container

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UI for Direct SSH/SFTP Access Links

Added a dedicated SFTP / Direct SSH Access tab to the dashboard to simplify these features utilization

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Extended Marketplace Search

Improved the search option for Jelastic Marketplace by including the package description into the search sources

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Firewall Optimization

Updated container firewall rules to ensure the ESTABLISHED and RELATED connections are always accepted.

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UI/UX Amendments

Updated captions, visual and usability of some dashboard elements to improve user experience.

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Software Stack Versions

Actualized list of supported OS templates and software stack versions

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Bug Fixes

List of fixes applied to the platform starting from the current release

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Dashboard Search

Starting with the platform 5.7 release, Jelastic PaaS provides built-in search functionality for the developer’s dashboard. The core functionality is straightforward - access the Search form at the top-right corner (or use the Ctrl+F/Cmd+F shortcut), type a search term(s) and hit Enter. For example, you can locate a container by its IP/ID; or search for the particular deployed project/environment; or deploy applications from Jelastic Marketplace.

dashboard search
Herewith, the implemented search engine is highly customizable, allowing you to get the most accurate results for the requests. Among the main options:
  • special characters for search expression (e.g. “-” prefix to exclude a term or “*” wildcard)
  • search source (either whole account or the current environment group)
  • categories filter to search among the selected entities (e.g. exclude the Marketplace packages or look for IPs only)

We highly recommend reading the help hint within the search form (circled in the image above) for a detailed overview.

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Extended Marketplace Search

Jelastic Marketplace is an excellent source of the numerous managed solutions, which can be installed in one click on the platform. In order to help with locating the required package, the search option was improved for the appropriate frame and within the dashboard search. For now, the provided phrase is looked for in the package description as well as in its name.

marketplace search

Also, the position of the search box was adjusted, allowing to utilize space within the Marketplace frame with higher efficiency.

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NFSv4 Support

The Network File System (NFS) is a widely used protocol for data sharing, as it allows accessing files over a network in the same way as on a local machine. Herewith, Jelastic PaaS provides out-of-the-box support for the functionality for all of the containers (NFSv3), allowing to easily share data between instances through the mount points.

In the present 5.7 platform release, the Shared Storage Container was updated to fully support the latest (fourth) version of the NFS protocol, allowing to use it as NFSv4 server. For now, new exports from the shared storage are configured over NFSv4 by default, while existing ones should be re-created to get the benefits of the latest version - improved performance (especially for a large number of files), stronger security, support of the FUSE directories export, and more.

Note: Any Jelastic-managed container can receive mounts over the fourth version of the protocol, but only Shared Storage Container can export data over NFSv4.

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Firewall Optimization

The ESTABLISHED and RELATED connections are accepted via container firewall on all of the Jelastic nodes by default. In the present 5.7 platform release, the appropriate rules (for both IPv4 and IPv6) were moved to the top of the iptables list. Such adjustment speeds up access over the already established connections (by preventing the traffic flow through a whole list of rules).

firewall related established rules

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UI for Direct SSH/SFTP Access Links

Jelastic provides multiple options for remote connection to the container file system, some of them may not be obvious (especially for the new users) - SFTP/FISH protocols and direct SSH access. In the current platform upgrade, the dedicated SFTP / Direct SSH Access tab was added to the dashboard to emphasize such feature availability and simplify its utilization. The new section can be accessed from the:
  • Account Settings > SSH Access > SFTP / Direct SSH Access
  • Environment Settings > SSH Access > SFTP / Direct SSH Access
  • Configuration File Manager > SFTP / SSH Gate
  • Additionally > SFTP / Direct SSH Access (within the functional icons of the node or layer)

sftp direct ssh access
Note: The feature requires at least one public SSH key to be added to the account. If this requirement is not met, the section will be locked, displaying the appropriate notification with a link to the SSH key addition form.

Within the Direct SSH Access frame, you can select the required Node to view/copy the automatically generated SFTP/FISH Link and SSH Gate Command for direct access. The former one is suitable for file management via third-party tools (e.g. Midnight Commander), and the later one - for remote connection via console / SSH client.

Additionally, if working via the container file manager, the current directory will be included in the provided commands, allowing to switch to it automatically upon establishing a connection.

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UI/UX Amendments

Several UI adjustments were applied in the current Jelastic release to improve user experience:
  • denomination of one of the authentication options for the Git / SVN projects’ deployment was renamed to Password or Token, which explicitly highlights the support of the access tokens (e.g. for GitHub or GitLab)

    password or token caption
  • resize possibility for the management section at the bottom of the dashboard was simplified; for now, the whole toolbar can be dragged instead of just the border at the top, which was removed to make the transition between the dashboard parts smoother

    section resize bar
  • the Upgrade and Contact Us buttons within the topology wizard were recolored to match the latest interface style

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Software Stack Versions

Check out the list of the most accurate Jelastic software stacks for the current platform version:

StackJelastic 5.7
Apache Balancer2.4.37
Apache PHP2.4.37
Apache Python2.4.37
Apache Ruby2.4.37
CentOS (VPS)6.8; 7.2
Couchbase CE5.1.1; 6.0.0
Docker Engine CE17.12; 18.09.2
GlassFish3.1.2.2; 4.1.2; 5.1.0
MariaDB5.5.64; 10.3.14
MongoDB2.6.12; 3.6.8; 4.0.2
MySQL CE5.7.26; 8.0.16
NGINX Balancer1.16.0
NGINX Ruby1.14.2
NodeJS6.17.1; 8.16.0; 9.11.2; 10.15.3; 11.15.0; 12.1.0
Payara4.1.2.181; 5.184
PostgreSQL9.6.13; 10.8; 11.3
Redis4.0.11; 5.0.4
Shared StorageNFS 4
Spring Boot2
Tomcat7.0.94; 8.5.40; 9.0.19
Ubuntu (VPS)16.04
Varnish4.1.8; 5.2.1; 6.2.0
WildFly10.1.0; 11.0.0; 12.0.0; 13.0.0; 14.0.1; 15.0.1; 16.0.0
Windows (VPS)2012
JDK6.0_45; 7.0_79; 8.0_202; 9.0.4; 10.0.2; 11.0.2
Open JDK7.0_211; 8.0_212; 10.0.2; 11.0.2; 12.0.1; 13.ea-b21
OpenJ90.9.0-8u181-b13; 0.9.0-; 0.9.0-10.0.2; 0.11.0-8u192-b12; 0.11.0-11.0.1
PHP 55.3.29; 5.4.45; 5.5.38; 5.6.40
PHP 77.0.33; 7.1.29; 7.2.18; 7.3.5
Ruby2.3.8; 2.4.6; 2.5.5; 2.6.3
Python 22.7.15
Python 33.4.10; 3.5.7; 3.6.8; 3.7.3
Node.js6.17.1; 8.16.0; 9.11.2; 10.15.3; 11.15.0; 12.1.0

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Bug Fixes

In the table below, you can see the list of bug fixes applied to the platform starting from Jelastic 5.7 release:

Jelastic 5.7
JE-20439Unhandled error while trying to clone an environment with the maximum number of allowed environments reached
JE-23064Slow download speed from the platform
JE-25093The Application Name field should be automatically filled when installing New Relic APM add-on
JE-31531Custom forms have incorrect margins in Cloud Scripting
JE-34010Incorrect behavior if a container is removed during creation
JE-34302The "/" character should be validated within the context name field
JE-34397Custom Docker containers based on the Fedora 26/27/28 OS templates cannot be created
JE-35765Clicking on the particular log should display its latest file (several ones can be available due to the logrotate feature)
JE-37058Git project with "error" in its name cannot be deployed
JE-38040Incorrect styles for the Nodes list in the environment Settings > Monitoring > Events History tab
JE-40724An error occurs when signing out of the dashboard
JE-41897The Jelastic Welcome Tutorial is not displayed for the beta users
JE-43118A symlink from the ROOT folder is not deleted after the project removal on the Golang nodes
JE-43639Error in the environment Settings > Monitoring > Events History tab when the Network (out ext.) trigger is executed
JE-43912Ports auto-redirect does not work with IPv6 on the custom Docker containers
JE-44162An error should occur when trying to mount a directory to a file
JE-44679An error occurs when installing custom Docker container from the private repository
JE-44763Incorrect behavior when creating a mount point of the Master Container type
JE-44815A command to view custom IPv6 firewall rules should be added
JE-44966Incorrect IP routes on a container after decreasing the number of public addresses
JE-45444Auto-deploy is not working for the VCS projects added over the ssh:// protocol
JE-45594Icon for the Golang application server is displayed incorrectly in the FireFox browser
JE-45604Local mount points are added incorrectly
JE-45674The permissions list is not refreshed after switching to the different template in the Generate Access Token frame if the Only Checked filter is enabled
JE-45739Brief access downtime for comprized nodes during rename of the environment group with Network Isolation enabled
JE-45787Authentication session becomes broken when logged in via the Extended Access token and working for a prolonged period
JE-45855Containers cannot be connected via the 21 port after the FTP add-on installation
JE-45905A mount point of the Master Container type cannot be re-added if removed via the Exports tab
JE-45927An error occurs when viewing tooltips for the MySQL/MariaDB auto-clustering in topology wizard
JE-45941Custom Docker containers cannot be created due to failure with the symbolic link override
JE-45973Incorrect email template for the Docker container node addition
JE-46013The jem fwset command is called during custom Docker container redeploy
JE-46095Credentials to the custom Docker container repository are cached even upon authentication error
JE-46098Incorrect error description for the container redeploy
JE-46102Default value provided for the settings placeholder via globals in Cloud Scripting cannot be redefined
JE-46103Account password reset email should be sent considering the currently selected language
JE-46123Unhandled error, if remote registry becomes unavailable during custom Docker container redeploy
JE-46140The getRules request has a different response via Cloud Scripting and API
JE-46235The Sticky Session option does not work correctly for Traffic Distributor
JE-46280Success window format is corrupted for the Traffic Distributor package
JE-46281The standard jem service start (stop) and jem service compute deploy commands should be executable without sudo password
JE-46347The Cannot read property 'getUpdater' of null error occurs during installation of the add-ons
JE-46424The Duplicate Session button terminates the existing connection
JE-46507The /etc/resolv.conf symlink is not working after a restart of the custom Docker containers based on the Ubuntu 18.04 operating system
JE-46550Collaborator without access to the custom domains functionality should be able to manage them on the shared environments if admin permissions were granted
JE-46651The password fields should be unlimited by the characters number
JE-46671Incorrect behavior for the set action in Cloud Scripting
JE-46677The forEach Cloud Scripting iteration should work with the nested arrays
JE-46681The getExportedDirList: command not found error occurs while executing the jem redeploy command
JE-46696Error report cannot be sent after clicking the View Invoices button if billing integration is broken
JE-46699A warning appears during the password reset for the MySQL container
JE-46729The text within layer aliases should be displayed as encoded HTML
JE-46730An error occurs when switching between localization languages in the dashboard
JE-46768Unhandled error during endpoint creation if there are no free public ports on the platform
JE-46775Custom Docker images based on the RHEL operating system cannot be created
JE-46796Network does not start after redeploying custom Docker containers based on CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu operating systems
JE-46821An error description for the mount point creation timeout should be provided
JE-46861A new vtype:domainlist field should be added in Cloud Scripting for domain names validation
JE-46864An error occurs when installing JPS with the envName: ${settings.envName} code
JE-46871The alternative styles for the toggle visual setting in topology wizard should look the same as Auto-Clustering one
JE-46875The Run Command adjustments are not saved via topology wizard if no other changes were applied
JE-46905The ${this} placeholder does nor work as a node selector for other Cloud Scripting methods
JE-46926An error occurs when enabling isolation for the environment group with a long name
JE-46927An error occurs when renaming environment group with a long name and isolation enabled
JE-46930The custom height of the Deployment Manager section is restored to the default after the dashboard page refresh
JE-46955An error occurs when the code parameter is used within the script Cloud Scripting action
JE-47076Environment export should be disabled for collaborator if this feature is restricted for owner
JE-47094An error occurs while editing the auto_alert_oom_killer load alert
JE-47097Cloud Scripting console can be accessed over the insecure HTTP protocol
JE-47099The skipEmail Cloud Scripting parameter is not working
JE-47311SSL option should be displayed in uppercase within the Billing History tab
JE-47356The BeforeSetCloudletCount Cloud Scripting event should be executed only on the appropriate layer
JE-47359The event.response.nodes placeholder doesn't work with multiple events
JE-47378An error occurs while trying to delete an environment
JE-47396An error occurs when trying to scale out application server and scale in balancer layers simultaneously
JE-47427One node is created for the layer even if the count is set to 0 within the JPS package
JE-47468The Copy Path button is not working within the configuration file manager

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