Jelastic 5.6.4-9

This document is preliminary and subject to change.

In this document, you will find all of the new features, enhancements and visible changes included to the Jelastic PaaS 5.6.4-9 releases.

Additional Domains for Environments

API methods to assign additional domains for a whole environment, its node groups or particular containers

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Sign In with Tokens

An ability to access the dashboard using the appropriate token instead of the account password

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Parallel Actions in CS (5.6.8)

The possibility to define asynchronous actions within the Cloud Scripting packages

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onBefore-/onAfterInstallAddon CS Events (5.6.9)

Two new Cloud Scripting events to automatically perform actions before or after add-on installation

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Additional Domains Enhancement (5.6.7)

A new parameter for the AddDomains API method to provision node/layer additional domains on the same level as environment domain

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Marketplace Amendments

Categories reorganization and the Docker Containers section removal

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Redeploy Optimization (5.6.6)

Redeploy operation optimizations, adjustments, and fixes

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Software Stack Versions

Actualized list of supported OS templates and software stack versions

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Bug Fixes

List of fixes applied to the platform starting from the current release

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Additional Domains for Environments

Jelastic PaaS provides multiple default domain names for environments, node groups, and separate containers. Starting with the current 5.6.4 platform release, a possibility to assign additional domain names was implemented. Three new BinderService API methods were developed to support a new functionality:
  • AddDomains(envName, session, domains, [nodeGroup], [nodeId]) - assigns additional domains to the specified envName environment. Using the optional nodeGroup or nodeId (has a higher priority if both are specified) parameters, you can set domains for the particular layer or node


    • Multiple domains can be provided as a comma- or semicolon-separated list.
    • Domains are provided in a short form, i.e. ${envName} for the environment (${envName}.${platformDomain}) or ${subDomain} for the layer/container (${subDomain}.${envName}.${platformDomain}).
    • The provided environment domains (${envName}) should be no less than five characters and are validated across the existing DNS records; the maximum length for subdomains (${subDomain}) is 32 characters.
    • If adding domains for the whole environment (not for the particular layer or node), they are assigned to the appropriate entry-point (i.e. load balancer or application server layer)
  • RemoveDomains(envName, session, domains, [group], [nodeId) - detaches the listed domains from the whole environment or its particular layer/node (provide * to remove all of the additional domains). Herewith, the default domains are skipped, so only custom ones can be removed
  • GetDomains(envName, session, [nodeGroup], [nodeId], [inShort, default=true]) - lists all the domains assigned to the envName environment. The response can be narrowed by the optional nodeGroup or nodeId (has a higher priority if both are specified) parameters. Set the inShort parameter as false to view domains in the extended form

Also, the response of the GetEnvs and GetEnvInfo API methods was extended with the new aliases section, where the assigned domains are listed in a short form.

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Additional Domains Enhancement (5.6.7)

In the 5.6.7 Jelastic release, a possibility to provide additional domains for nodes/layers on the same level as environment domain was integrated. Such implementation is achieved through the new subdomain parameter for the AddDomains API call:
  • false - crates the node/layer additional domains with the “-” separator, i.e. ${subdomain}-${envName}.${platformDomain}
  • true (by default) - uses the default “.” separator, i.e. ${subdomain}.${envName}.${platformDomain}

Herewith, the availability of this feature on the particular platform depends on your hosting provider settings. So, if you’ve faced an error while adding domain with the “-” separator, contact platform support for assistance.

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Sign In with Tokens

Within the Jelastic 5.6.4 release, a possibility to share access to the dashboard via personal access tokens was implemented. Herewith, such operation requires Extended Access, which can be selected from the API drop-down list within the Generate Access Token form.

extended access personal token
Note: The dashboard access cannot be provided via a custom token with a full API Access, as it requires an API Access + Web UI Access (which can be obtained via the Extended Access API set only).

After successful logging in with a token, all the functionality of the account owner will be available, excluding the possibilities to change the account password, manage two-factor authentication and adjust access tokens.

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Marketplace Amendments

In the present 5.6.4 platform upgrade a major revision of the Jelastic Marketplace was done. The existing categorization system was thoroughly reviewed and updated, removing the unpopular groups and including the trading topics. Within these categories, the packages were reorganized by positioning the most frequently used solutions at the beginning, which ensures simpler and quicker access to them.

jelastic marketplace

Another notable change is the removal of the Docker Containers section from the Marketplace tab, where its presence becomes excessive. This functionality is fully covered in the topology wizard frame, where it can be managed with greater convenience and additional possibilities (for example, to build complex environments with multiple custom Docker containers).

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Redeploy Optimization (5.6.6)

Based on the data obtained after the recent redeployment algorithm update, some optimization adjustments and fixes were applied in the 5.6.6 Jelastic release. Also, the default timeout for the operation was enlarged up to 75 minutes. The additional 15 minutes (one hour previously) allows completing redeployment of the large containers successfully. Herewith, the exact timeout can vary based on your particular service hosting provider settings.

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Parallel Actions in CS (5.6.8)

To optimize Cloud Scripting packages installation time, the possibility to perform some actions in parallel was developed in the Jelastic 5.6.8 version. Currently, there are four main actions, which support asynchronous execution:

In order to call the actions in parallel, you can define them using the filter by nodes, via the array or their combination. For the detailed example and list of specifics follow the linked guides.

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onBefore-/onAfterInstallAddon CS Events (5.6.9)

Within the current 5.6.9 platform upgrade, two new Cloud Scripting events were implemented:
  • onBeforeInstallAddon - executes provided actions before add-on installation
  • onAfterInstallAddon - runs specified commands after add-on installation

The usage is straightforward, subscribe to these events within the required environment and, upon installation of the specified add-on, your custom action will be executed automatically.

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Software Stack Versions

Check out the list of the most accurate Jelastic software stacks for the current platform version:

StackJelastic 5.6.4-9
Apache Balancer2.4.37
Apache PHP2.4.37
Apache Python2.4.37
Apache Ruby2.4.37
CentOS (VPS)6.8; 7.2
Couchbase CE5.1.1; 6.0.0
Docker Engine CE17.12; 18.09.2
GlassFish3.1.2.2; 4.1.2; 5.1.0
MariaDB5.5.63; 10.3.13
MongoDB2.6.12; 3.6.8; 4.0.2
MySQL CE5.7.25; 8.0.15
NGINX Balancer1.14.2
NGINX Ruby1.14.2
NodeJS6.16.0; 8.15.0; 9.11.2; 10.15.1; 11.11.0
Payara4.1.2.181; 5.184
PostgreSQL9.6.12; 10.7; 11.2
Redis4.0.11; 5.0.4
Shared StorageNFS 3
Spring Boot2
Tomcat7.0.93; 8.5.38; 9.0.16
Ubuntu (VPS)16.04
Varnish4.1.8; 5.2.1; 6.2.0
WildFly10.1.0; 11.0.0; 12.0.0; 13.0.0; 14.0.1; 15.0.1; 16.0.0
Windows (VPS)2012
JDK6.0_45; 7.0_79; 8.0_202; 9.0.4; 10.0.2; 11.0.2
Open JDK7.0_201; 8.0_191; 10.0.2; 11.0.2; 12; 13.ea-b12
OpenJ90.9.0-8u181-b13; 0.9.0-; 0.9.0-10.0.2; 0.11.0-8u192-b12; 0.11.0-11.0.1
PHP 55.3.29; 5.4.45; 5.5.38; 5.6.40
PHP 77.0.33; 7.1.27; 7.2.16; 7.3.3
Ruby2.2.10; 2.3.8; 2.4.5; 2.5.5; 2.6.2
Python 22.7.15
Python 33.4.10; 3.5.7; 3.6.8; 3.7.2
Node.js6.16.0; 8.15.0; 9.11.2; 10.15.3; 11.12.0

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Bug Fixes

In the table below, you can see the list of bug fixes applied to the platform starting from Jelastic 5.6.4-9 releases:

Jelastic 5.6.4
JE-28476The default firewall rules on the Memcached node restrict NFS mounts
JE-31090A prolonged delay for SSH connection to containers based on the Fedora 25 OS
JE-32212The Cannot find function error in object error occurs during some of the operations
JE-36483The diskLimit property is absent in the manifest of the exported environment
JE-36754The validation tooltip about the whitespaces at the beginning and end of a filename is not displayed
JE-39755The java.lang.NullPointerException error occurs while adjusting the external IPs count for a node
JE-43611The Destination NFS server is not reachable error occurs while creating mount points
JE-43681A single node cannot be redeployed if there are multiple containers in the layer
JE-43945A dedicated icon for the master container is not provided in the nodes drop-down list of the file manager
JE-44985Incorrect styles of the warning message in the Traffic Distributor package
JE-45231Redeployment enables sendmail on the containers with this service being disabled
JE-45261Unhandled error while restarting service via the dashboard
JE-45269Incorrect links parsing in the Cloud Scripting packages
JE-45306The /var/lib/jelastic/SSL directory for custom SSL certificates is removed during redeploy
JE-45403The stateless scaling mode is set for all layers in installations from Jelastic Marketplace
JE-45452An error occurs while scaling environments with a custom domain attached
JE-45461Unhandled error while redeploying containers with public IP attached
JE-45465Container redeployment fails if the new tag is based on a different OS distribution
JE-45478The manifest files with the diskLimit property should be imported successfully
JE-45508An error occurs while redeploying the Alpine-based NGINX container to the Debian-based one
JE-45532Environment cannot be created on the collaborator account if the target region is unavailable for the current user
JE-45581Placeholders are not substituted with the appropriate values in some of the email notifications
JE-45586An Access denied warning occurs while accessing container file manager via the dashboard
JE-45589An error occurs while deleting environment with a custom domain attached
JE-45694An error occurs while renaming the existing environment isolation group

Jelastic 5.6.5
JE-45817Unhandled error during the prolonged container redeployment

Jelastic 5.6.6
JE-45675The Open in Browser dashboard pop-up is blocked in the latest Chrome browser
JE-45723The iptables service is inactive on the WildFly application server after container restart
JE-45986The SSH service is inactive on the containers based on the Ubuntu 18.04 OS templates
JE-46011Billing history cannot be downloaded due to the incorrect protocol in the export link
JE-46052An error occurs while redeploying stopped container

Jelastic 5.6.7
JE-46214The scheduler processes are not deleted after the associated instance removal

Jelastic 5.6.8
JE-41046When requesting an unexisting node/layer, the warning message should define the instance explicitly to provide more clarity
JE-41226The /root/.ssh/authorized_keys folder on the custom Docker containers should always contain the SSH Gate public key after redeploy
JE-46116Some JPS packages (including Jelastic Marketplace applications) cannot be installed on the particular environment regions
JE-46136Unhandled error while redeploying container with incorrect NFS export configs
JE-46205Container linking is discarded after redeploy
JE-46297The installation dialog is not opened in the dashboard when following the solution deployment link
JE-46316The network service is down on the alpine-based images after redeploy

Jelastic 5.6.9
JE-45273The list of environment variables should be updated automatically every 40 seconds
JE-45974An error occurs while redeploying container with a symlink added as a volume
JE-46414An environment cannot be imported via the JPS manifest obtained through the export feature
JE-46423Files within the container volumes are converted into the same-named folders after redeploy
JE-46555Unhandled error while redeploying to the image tag with a broken container

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