Jelastic 5.4.5/6/7

This document is preliminary and subject to change.

In this document, you will find all of the new features, enhancements and visible changes included to the Jelastic PaaS 5.4.5/6/7 releases.

Environment List Lazy Loading

Possibility to speed up obtaining of the environment list via the GetEnvs API by loading just the main metadata

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Domain Names for Node Group Layer

Added a dedicated hostname for each particular node group layer

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Container Provisioning Optimization

Decreased container provisioning time by optimizing the creation flow and refactoring the appropriate processes codebase

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UI/UX Improvements

Updated a set of the dashboard icons (Settings, Maven, Golang) to improve elements recognition

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Web SSH Optimization

Improved performance of web client and implemented automatic input operations focus upon switching to the Web SSH tab

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Deploying Application via SSH

Application deploy is now can be initiated directly via SSH console with jelastic user

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All Nodes Restart for Clusterized Solutions

Possibility to restart services on all layer nodes for dockerized stacks with the clusterization property

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Favourites.conf File Alias for JPS Packages

An alternative name for the Favourites.conf file can be used in the JPS solutions

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Software Stack Versions

Actualized list of supported OS templates and software stack versions

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Decreasing Delay for Logs Display

Increased a number of new lines displayed per log update

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Bug Fixes

List of fixes applied to the platform starting from the current release

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Container Provisioning Optimization

Within the current 5.4.5 Jelastic release, a noticeable optimization was applied to the custom Docker container and certified dockerized templates creation process through refactoring and updating the platform internal scripts. The general performance boost is around 20%, with even greater results upon consecutive installation of the same image.

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UI/UX Improvements

Starting with the Jelastic 5.4.5 release, some visual updates were applied to the dashboard to provide the latest and most accurate icons for elements and stacks, improving their recognition:
  • the environment Settings tab was provided with the wrench-style icon (the same one as on the appropriate Settings button)
  • the Golang application server logo was replaced with its latest official design
  • a dashboard icon for the Maven build node was renewed, and the outdated hint for the Maven template in topology wizard was removed

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Performance Improvements

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Environment List Lazy Loading

When hosting multiple environments, you can notice a slight slowdown of the environments > Control > GetEnvs API method. Such a delay is caused by the necessity to load all data for each environment. But usually you need to manage no more than just a few environments at a time.

So, within the Jelastic 5.4.5 release, only the main environment metadata (e.g. name, alias, domain, etc) can be loaded by setting a new optional lazy parameter as true. The complete info  on a particular environment will be provided on demand, i.e. upon usage of the GetEnvInfo request. Also, using this improvement, Jelastic was able to notably speed up the first connection to Jelastic SSH gate.

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Web SSH Optimization

With the current platform upgrade, some polishing was applied to the recently implemented Web SSH feature. As a result, the general performance and reliability of the web client was improved. Also, in order to provide better user experience, an automatic section focus was implemented. Namely, when you switch to the Web SSH tab in the dashboard, it will be automatically set as active, allowing to start typing commands immediately (i.e. without necessity to additionally click on the area within the section).

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Deploying Application via SSH

The platform-specific deployment, which allows to automatically install application archive into environment compute node(s), was adjusted to be run under the jelastic user. With such implementation, it’s possible to call deploy action directly via SSH console by running the following command:

jem compute deploy -a {atomicDeploy} -c {context} -u {packageUrl}
  • {atomicDeploy} - allows to either enable (true) or disable (false) a zero downtime deployment mode for PHP
  • {context} - sets a context name for the project
  • {packageUrl} - provides link to the application archive to be deployed

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Domain Names for Node Group Layer

Starting with the 5.4.5 version, all new environments are provisioned with a dedicated hostname for a particular node layer:


  • ${nodeGroup} - denomination of the layer (e.g. cp, bl, storage, etc)
  • ${envName} - environment name (not an alias)
  • ${platformDomain} - domain name of a hosting service provider
    Tip: While working inside the environment and referring to itself, just a short hostname (${nodeGroup}) can be used.

node group hostname

Each time a new container is created (or removed) a list of records for the appropriate layer is automatically updated.

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All Nodes Restart for Clusterized Solutions

Previously, only master node was restarted in the cluster. Starting with the Jelastic 5.4.5 release, this flow was ceased for Jelastic-managed dockerized templates, allowing to call restart for all nodes or for specific one in the layer. And in order to keep the backward compatibility, this change was not applied to the Jelastic certified templates (e.g. GlassFish).

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Decreasing Delay for Logs Display

While viewing a log file, Jelastic allows to automatically update a displayed content (the Tail mode) to keep you up-to-date with the ongoing operations. Rarely, in case of a great amount of logged data, it can temporarily fall behind of the actual actions occurred on the node. So, in the current platform release, a number of new lines, which can be displayed per update (i.e. every 3 seconds) was increased from 249 up to 999. This change helps to be always provided with the most recent data in log files.

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Favourites.conf File Alias for JPS Packages

While setting up a JPS package, you can manually define a default list of folders and files that will be displayed as Favorites for your instances in the configuration file manager. For this, you need to adjust the appropriate /etc/jelastic/favourites.conf file in the following format:


For example, the next command can be used:

cmd [cp]: echo -e "[directories]\n/home" >/etc/jelastic/favourites.conf

Starting with the Jelastic 5.4.5 release, an alternative /etc/jelastic/favorites.conf name can be used for this file. Herewith, if both favorites.conf and favourites.conf configs are provided, only the latter one will be considered.

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Software Stack Versions

Check out the list of the most accurate Jelastic software stacks for the current platform version:

StackJelastic 5.4.5/6/7
Apache Balancer2.4
Apache PHP2.4.6
Apache Python2.4
Apache Ruby2.4.6-45
Cassandra 22.2.4
Cassandra 33.0
CentOS 6 (VPS)6.8
CentOS 7 (VPS)7.2
Docker Engine CE18.03
GlassFish 44.1.2
GlassFish 55.0
Jetty 66.1.26
Jetty 88.1.17
Jetty 99.3.7
MariaDB 55.5.60
MariaDB 1010.3.7
MongoDB 22.6.11
MongoDB 33.4.0
Neo4j 22.3
Neo4j 33.2
NGINX Balancer1.12.2
NGINX Ruby1.14.0
NodeJS 66.14.1
NodeJS 88.11.3
NodeJS 99.11.1
NodeJS 1010.4.1
OrientDB 22
Payara 55.181
PostgreSQL 910.4
PostgreSQL 109.6.9
Spring Boot2
Tomcat 66.0.53
Tomcat 77.0.88
Tomcat 88.5.31
Tomcat 99.0.8
Ubuntu (VPS)16.04
Varnish 44.1.8
Varnish 55.2.1
Varnish 66.0.0
WildFly 1010.1.0
WildFly 1111.0.0
WildFly 1212.0.0
Windows (VPS)2012
Open JDK1.7.0._161

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Bug Fixes

In the table below, you can see the list of bug fixes applied to the platform starting from Jelastic 5.4.5/6/7 releases:

Jelastic 5.4.5
JE-34189 Unhandled error appears, while trying to add custom SSL for some Jelastic-managed templates
JE-37284 The error response, while setting horizontal scaling triggers, should point directly to the incorrectly specified parameter
JE-37315 The java.lang.NullPointerException error appears, while trying to change environment topology
JE-38633 The java.lang.NullPointerException error appears, while trying to bind external domain
JE-38639 The java.lang.NullPointerException error appears, while trying to read hooks
JE-38694 The java.lang.NullPointerException error appears, while trying to install the Wordpress Cluster solution from Jelastic Marketplace
JE-39078 The Guacamole login form appears, when connecting node via  Web SSH in dashboard
JE-39087 The java.lang.NullPointerException error appears, while trying to start environment
JE-39212 A confirmation pop-up should be displayed upon closing or refreshing browser tab with an active Web SSH connection
JE-39249 The java.lang.NullPointerException error appears, while trying to create environment
JE-39463 The setGlobals action doesn't work, if called from a custom button
JE-39557 The Ruby application server becomes inaccessible via SSH after the Let’s Encrypt add-on installation
JE-39647 Incorrect solution name is displayed in the dashboard task manager, when installing a JPS package via API / CLI

Jelastic 5.4.6
JE-39989Inability to send email from the platform to yourself
JE-40091The Open in browser button is absent at Jelastic dashboard for a set of the software stacks within the extra layer

Jelastic 5.4.7
JE-40208The onBeforeServiceScaleOut Cloud Scripting event is executed, while being just added
JE-40239Custom SSL should be allowed via default firewall rules on the NGINX nodes

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