NOTE: This node is optional since it is based on cartridge packaging model. If this server is not available at your wizard, please contact your hosting provider for its activation.

Railo server is the fastest CFML engine available, thus it’s the best way to accelerate your CFML and Java development. It is fully compatible with JBoss Application Server, Tomcat and other popular servers.

This server is a good way to develop dynamic and performant web sites due to a mixture of tag and script syntax. It gives an easy way to build Java EE based web applications without the complexities of Java.

Main features:

  • compatibility - interacts with all of the core features of CFML;
  • performance - the highest performing CFML engine available;
  • extensibility - Railo is open source, so if you run into an issue you can just download the source and add your own custom patch.

Getting started with your own Railo server is a quite easy task with Jelastic Cloud. You just need to follow the steps below.

Railo at Jelastic

1. Log in to your Jelastic account.

2. Click Create Environment button in the upper left corner of the opened dashboard.

3. In the appeared topology wizard frame navigate to the Java tab and pick Railo application server from the list of available ones. After that determine the resources limits by means of cloudlets scrollers, name your environment, and proceed with Create button.

4. Wait just a minute for your environment to be created. Now you can Open it in browser with the help of the appropriate button.

5. In the opened browser tab you’ll see the Railo default page, providing you with lots of useful information about it.

Now, when Railo is successfully installed, you can proceed to its adjusting according to your needs.