Quotas System

While working with Jelastic you will meet a set of limits connected with creating environment, adding RECs, setting cloudlets, using High Availability and External IP etc. They differ due to the type of accounts. There are two of them: trial and billing.

Look through the table to get acquainted with existing limits and permissions.

The limits according to your hoster you can look through in Quotas&Pricing at the dashboard.

Max EnvironmentsThe maximum amount of the environments that can be created by one user
Min BalanceThe minimum amount of money at your balance that allows to create the environment
Transferring PeriodThe period of time for transferring money to the account after upgrading to paid status. It is used to avoid unnecessary deactivation while reaching account min balance right after conversion
Max App Server NodesThe maximum amount of the application server nodes that can be added to the environment
Max Cloudlet per ContainerThe maximum amount of the cloudlets that can be set at each container
Trial PeriodThe period during which a trial account can be used. After the end of this period a trial account is deactivated. The account should be converted to the billing one not to be destroyed
Account Destroy PeriodThe period after which the deactivated account becomes destroyed
High AvailabilityEnabling High Availability
External IPEnabling External IP
VDS Enabling VDS

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