Node.js Versions

Note: This document is based on Jelastic 5.3 Platform version.

Node.js hosting at Jelastic is implemented based on cartridge packaging model. For now, the following Node.js versions are supported:
  • v0.10
  • v0.12
  • v4.2
  • v4.3
  • v4.5
  • v5.1
  • v5.6
  • v6.5

You can choose the one you need while environment creation or easily switch between them afterwards. To do this, follow the instruction:

1. Open Environment Wizard by clicking the New environment button on the top of the dashboard.

2. Switch to the Node.js programming language tab and choose the version you’d like to use (v0.10, v0.12, v4.2, v4.3, v4.5, v.5.1, v5.6, v6.5) within the drop down list in the middle section of the frame (circled below).

Next, specify cloudlet limits for your app server, set region and name for the environment, and click the Create button in the bottom right corner of the frame.

3. You can also change the version of Node.js in the already existing environment. For that:

  • Click the Change environment topology button next to the environment.

  • Select another version you need to use and click Apply.

Tip: For the detailed guidance on Node.js projects hosting, please, refer to the Deploy Node.js project via archive/URL and Deploy Node.js project via GIT/SVN instructions.