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Neo4j is an open-source graph database supported by Neo Technology. It stores data in nodes connected by directed, typed relationships with properties on both, also known as a Property Graph. This database uses the most generic data structure, capable of elegantly representing any kind of data in a highly accessible way.

Main Neo4j features include improved reliability with full ACID transactions, high scalability and availability, fast data processing, etc.

The most significant enhancements that are provided within Neo4j 2 version:
  • Java 7 support (instead of Java 6)
  • ability to mark the nodes as members of a named group
  • integrated browser as a fluid developer workbench
  • cypher advancement (new clauses and functions, improved syntax)

And the key points of the 3rd Neo4j release are:
  • getting rid of limitations on the amount of nodes, relationships and properties
  • a set of official drivers and Bolt protocol for the most efficient interaction with popular engines
  • improved optimizer for write queries, aimed to boost database performance
  • new files, configurations and logs structure for better operability

Getting Neo4j server of any of these versions is quite easy with Jelastic - just follow the steps below.

Neo4j at Jelastic

1. Log in to the Jelastic Platform with your credentials.

2. Click New Environment in the upper left corner of the opened dashboard.

new environment button

3. In the appeared dialog box, navigate to the tab with the preferred programming language and pick the desired Neo4j server version (either 1.9, 2.3 or 3.2) within NoSQL databases section. Then set the resources limits for the chosen node using cloudlets scrollers, name your environment, and click Create.

creating Neo4j database

4. Just after environment creation is finished, you can Open it in browser with the help of the appropriate button.

open Neo4j in browser

5.  Within the appeared browser tab, you’ll see the administrator panel opened, which can be entered using the credentials you’ve received via email.

Neo4j admin panel

Great! Neo4j DB is successfully installed, therefore you can proceed to its adjusting according to your needs.