Jelastic Mobile App: Download and Boost Your Workday Productivity

In order to ease the stress of everyday life and to boost your workday productivity, Jelastic provides the ability to use a part of the platform functionality directly, via your mobile device. For that, the Jelastic Mobile App was developed, intended to ensure an easy and comfortable remote access to the Cloud. It allows you to log into your Jelastic account, trace and change the state of your environments, monitor your balance and even more to be done on the run, right from your mobile device.

Jelastic Mobile App is a free application, that can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. The supported devices are: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 6, 6 Plus; iPad 2, 3, 4G and iPod touch.

This applet is a perfect addition to the full Jelastic web management panel. Using the Jelastic mobile console, you can perform the following actions:
  • either log in to an existing Jelastic account or register for a new one and start working with it immediately
  • view the general account information like your email, hosting provider, status, account creation date and current balance (including bonuses)
  • manage environments state and easily cut your spends through stopping your environment if it is not needed to be instantly running, and launch it again when required
  • track your balance and billing history for organizing better management, based on the obtained data

All of these actions can be done from any location - all you need is your mobile device with  Internet access and the Jelastic App installed. And due to the application’s intuitive design, you can easily figure out how to use it in a matter of seconds, without any guidance. However, if you still would like to get the complete info - we are always ready to help you with this, just proceed below.

Start Working with App

Download the Jelastic Mobile App from the App Store. Once you launch the application, the login screen will be shown, where you need to select the type of a platform you are using with the help of the same-named tabs at the top. Depending on the section chosen, perform the following:
  • for Public Cloud - find your hosting service provider within the list of the available ones and enter your email and password
  • for Private Cloud - type the correct address for your private Cloud (according to the app.{platform_domain} format) and specify the corresponding account credentials

Click Log in to start authorization.

If you still don’t have a Jelastic account, you can create a new one at any of the Public Jelastic installations directly via your mobile device, by using the Sign Up option in the bottom left corner of the screen.

In the appeared form, choose the preferable hosting provider, enter your email address and the password you’d like to use. Confirm your decision by clicking on the Sign Up button beneath.

Depending on the registration configurations of the chosen service provider, you may either:
  • be logged into your new account immediately so you can just start working with it
  • be required to additionally activate your account. In this case, navigate to your email inbox, find the appropriate email with an account activation link inside and click it. As a result, you’ll be redirected to a simple activation form, where you need to specify the desired password and confirm it (in addition, you may be optionally asked to pass the captcha or SMS verification).

Also, if you’ve forgotten your password, our mobile app includes an embedded option for its restoration. For that, click the corresponding Reset password string in the bottom right corner and type your login (email address) in the appeared pop up frame:

After confirming your request with the OK button, you’ll immediately receive a new password via the specified address.

Navigation Pane

Once you are successfully logged in, you can access all the features, supported by the application, through the navigation pane at the top:
  • switch between the main screens by tapping on the Jelastic logo at the center and choosing the required option (i.e. the Environments or Billing Info one) within the appeared list (or just flip between them through swiping the screen aside).
  • view the detailed information on your account with the Info button (  ) to the left
  • move back to the start application page by clicking the Sign Out option at the top right corner

Now, let’s consider all the abovementioned sections and options in more details.


The Environments screen is shown immediately after you are logged in:

It comprises the list of all of your environments, supplied with the following brief information:
  • name (or an alias if any is specified) of an environment
  • environment domain name
  • current resources usage (where the digits indicate the used amount / maximum limit of cloudlets respectively) with the following color legend applied for better intelligibility:
    • green - normal usage
    • yellow - the consumed resources amount is close to the configured limit
    • red - application has reached the configured scaling limit
    • grey - environment is stopped

In order to get the additional information on any environment you are interested in, just click on the arrow icon next to it.

The following details will be listed there:
  • Status - an interactive switcher, which shows whether an environment is running (green background) or stopped (white background). Tap it to change the state of your environment (i.e. either stop or start it) if needed and confirm this action within the appeared frame
  • Domain - domain name the environment is placed at; you can also click on it to open your application in a mobile browser
  • Region - displays current environment region (shown only if the corresponding feature is enabled by your hosting provider)
  • Creation Date - date and time the chosen environment was created at

Billing Info

At the Billing Info screen, you can track the history of spends within the specified time range for each of your environments.

Note that this option is not available for beta user groups, as it’s unnecessary in this case.

Use the date fields (i.e. From and To) to set the desired period, for which the billing statistics should be displayed. After that, the required data will be grouped into blocks by days according to the following format:
  • environment name (or an alias, if specified)
  • software stack name
  • charged sum

User Info

At the additional screen with the User Info, the basic information on your account can be found:

It consists of the following sections:
  • About user
    • E-mail
    • Provider
    • Status
    • Created (date of account creation)
  • Balance info (for billing users only)
    • Balance
    • Bonus

Sign Out

We recommend to sign out of your account before closing the app for ensuring security. You can also use this option to switch between different accounts - just click the corresponding option in the top right corner of the screen and confirm your choice in order to return to the login screen.

As you can see, there are many benefits the Jelastic Mobile Application can give you. And in case you have an idea of any extra functionality necessary to be handled by our mobile applet - just let us know, and we’ll try try to meet all of your requirements!