Kubernetes Cluster Versions

Jelastic PaaS provides a pre-packages Kubernetes (K8s) Cluster solution with automatic installation. Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing container-based workload and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It correlates greatly with Jelastic PaaS, allowing to set up applications based on the Kubernetes system directly inside the platform.

By hosting a Kubernetes Cluster at Jelastic Paas, you can get the following benefits:
  • Easy Start - automated installation in several clicks do not require manual intervention
  • Hyper Scalability - the cluster can be automatically scaled vertically and horizontally
  • Multi-Cloud Availability - mix and match cloud options due to the project needs
  • Simplified Management - a single point of management via intuitive UI and built-in Web SSH
  • Flexible Automation - automate DevOps processes with open API and Cloud Scripting
  • Cost Efficiency - pay only for consumed resources benefiting from container density and scalability

jelastic kubernetes cluster topology
Tip: More specifics and in-depth description with use case examples are provided in the appropriate Kubernetes Cluster article on our blog.
Below, we’ll overview all of the Kubernetes Cluster versions and describe implemented changes and adjustments.

K8s Package Change Log

You can check the source code of the Kubernetes Cluster package by Jelastic PaaS at GitHub. You can overview changes in each of the K8s versions by clicking on the required record in the list below.

  • K8s 1.15.2 (in development)
    • added Upgrade to 1.15.2 button for the existing 1.15.0 K8s clusters
    • added monitoring option with the Prometheus & Grafana integration
    • added possibility to select the k8s dashboard v2 (Beta) during installation
    • updated cri-tools to 1.15 version and cni-plugins to 0.8.1
    • updated Metrics server to 0.3.3 version
    • fixed an error during installation on trial accounts
    • fixed an error with the /usr/local/bin/jperm file missing

  • K8s 1.15.0
    • added “insecure mode”, which allows installation on trial accounts
    • added additional k8s tools: k9s, kubectx, kubens, popeye, and stern
    • added autocompletion for kubectl in shell
    • fixed warnings in the k8s component log during the package installation
    • fixed error with Weave NPC missing endpoint route
    • fixed incorrect k8s machine-id during worker’s horizontal scaling

  • K8s 1.14.3
    Initial public release with all the core functionality and features:
    • CNI plugin (powered by Weave) for overlay network support
    • Traefik ingress control for transferring HTTP/HTTPS requests to services
    • HELM package manager to auto-install pre-packed solutions from repositories
    • CoreDNS for internal names resolution
    • Metrics Server for gathering stats
    • persistent volumes with the dynamic provisioner
    • Jelastic SSL for protecting ingress network
    • Kubernetes Dashboard