Jetty is a pure Java-based HTTP client/server, WebSocket client/server and servlet container (Application server). Jetty is available in Jelastic.

Jetty is an open-source application server that gets quite a bit of usage in a wide variety of places, like the Yahoo Hadoop Cluster and the Apache Geronimo application server project. Its popularity among our developers is growing quite fast.

To get your Jetty server in the cloud, simply:

1. Log onto
2. Click Create Environment,
3. Pick Jetty for your application servers as shown in the picture below:
Once the environment is created, you can click Open in browser button next to the Jetty server in the environment (expand the environment in the Environments pane at the top of the screen):
use java
Then you can upload the Java application WAR package and deploy it to the environment.
When you compare Jetty with our other supported applications servers, you see that it consumes the least amount of resources:

Servlet containers configurationResources being consumed by environment
1 Jetty70-75 MB (1 cloudlet)
2 Jetty (no replication)145-160 MB (3 cloudlets)
3 Jetty225-240 MB (4 cloudlets)
4 Jetty (no replication)295-305 MB (5 cloudlets)
2 Jetty (replication on)145-160 MB (3 cloudlets)
4 Jetty (replication on)300-310 MB (5 cloudlets)