How to Deploy Hippo CMS to Jelastic PaaS

Hippo CMS is a Java open source web content managment system that enables a true, open and context-aware content strategy. It is targeted at medium to large organisations managing content for multi-channel distribution like, web sites and intranets.

As with any Java applications and frameworks, this one is very easy to deploy to Jelastic.

Create an Environment

1. Log into the Jelastic dashboard.

2. Click the Create environment button at the top left:

create environment

3. In the Environment Topology window, choose your application server (for example, Tomcat) and the database you want to use (for example MySQL). Then type your environment name, for example, hippo.

environment wizard

It will take only a minute for your environment with Tomcat and MySQL to be created.

environment for Hippo CMS created

Upload a Java Package

1. Go to the and choose the latest Hippo CMS release for your OS.

Hippo CMS download

Hippo CMS package

2. Fill in the form. You should recieve a letter with the link for downloading Hippo CMS.

Hippo CMS quiz

3. Extract the files from the package, you have just downloaded and upload the cms.war file (HippoCMS-GoGreen-…/tomcat6x/webapps) to the Deployment manager.

upload Hippo CMS

4. Once the package is in Jelastic, deploy it to the environment you have just created.

deploy Hippo CMS

Configure Database

1. Click the Open in Browser button for MySQL.

open MySQL in browser

2. When you created the environment, Jelastic sent you an iail with credentials to the database. Use these credentials to create a user account and the database with the application.

database add user

create dedicated database

Configure Hippo CMS

1. Pick Config for Tomcat and upload all the necessary libraries (HippoCMS-GoGreen-…/tomcat6x/lib) to the lib folder.

Tomcat libraries

Note: Multiple files uploading is limited by 20 files at once.

2. Go to Server folder, and in the context.xml file add the resource declaration as it is shown below.

name="jdbc/hippo" auth="Container" type="javax.sql.DataSource"
maxActive="20" maxIdle="10" initialSize="2" maxWait="10000"
testOnBorrow="true" validationQuery="select 1 from dual"
username="hippo" password="11111"


Hippo CMS configs

Don’t forget to save the changes and restart Tomcat!

Start Hippo CMS

Now you are ready to start using Hippo CMS!

Hippo CMS

What’s next?