JBoss 7

NOTE: This node is optional since it is based on cartridge packaging model. If this server is not available at your wizard, please contact your hosting provider for its activation.

JBoss 7 is a flexible, lightweight, managed application runtime environment. It is written in Java and implements Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) specification. This software is completely free and open sourced and can be run on multiple platforms.

The main features are:

  • fast concurrent deployment and ability to edit static resources without redeployment;
  • each service can be started and stopped in isolation;
  • lightweights through efficient memory management;
  • modular approach.

Simply follow the next steps to know how to receive your JBoss server at Jelastic PaI just in a minute.

JBoss 7 at Jelastic

1. Log in to the Jelastic Platform and click Create Environment in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

2. In the opened frame click on Java tab and choose JBoss 7 as an application server. Set the resources limits for it according to your needs, state the name for your environment (if it’s needed), and proceed to creation by clicking the appropriate button.

3. Once environment appears at the dashboard, you can Open it in browser with the appropriate icon (circled at the image below).

4. You’ll see the JBoss 7 welcome page in a new browser tab.

Congrats! JBoss 7 server has been successfully installed and now you can start configuring and deploying your applications.