Jelastic Eclipse Plugin Manual: Remote Environment Management

Before proceeding further with the new projects deployment, let’s consider the basics of the remote Jelastic environments management through Eclipse IDE.

1. So, navigate to the Window > Show View > Other section.

Here, you can notice that Jelastic Cloud Platform category has been added to the list.

show Jelastic view for Eclipse

Expand this menu item to open Jelastic view in the Eclipse admin panel.

2. In the opened tab, your current Jelastic environments with the applications deployed to them can be viewed (obviously, only Java-based ones will be displayed).

Jelastic Eclipse plugin environment control

Here, they can be quickly managed through context menu (called with right mouse button click) by choosing the needed option: Start, Stop or Refresh.

3. You can also expand the environment menu to view the list of the comprised containers and get their logs through the context menu:

Jelastic Eclipse plugin get logs

Now, as you are aware with the key environment management operations the Jelastic Eclipse Plugin provides, let’s consider how to deploy a new project into the Cloud directly from your IDE.