Converting Jelastic account for dogado users

This step-by-step instruction shows how dogado users can convert their trial accounts to the billing ones.

  1. Go to and log in with your Jelastic credentials.
  2. Click Upgrade trial account at the dashboard.

  3. After that you'll be redirected to the dogado site for ordering Jelastic service. Fill in your E-mail/Login that you are going to use at Jelastic and click Continue.

  4. Type in your Jelastic Password.

  5. In the opened window type in your personal data to continue with your order.

  6. If you are an Existing customer type in your Customer number and Password.

    Click Continue to payment data.
  7. After that enter your payment information choosing Payment method (Paypal, Debit, Credit card). Click Continue to overview.

  8. In the window Order summary check your order data, fill in Additional information if necessary, confirm Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, then click Confirm order.

  9. Your order is confirmed and saved. To complete your order, click Pay now.

  10. Now you are redirected to the dogado payment provider. Fill in the required fields and click Pay now.

  11. That's all. In a minute you'll get the emails with confirmation of your order and your credentials to our Providerbox.

  12. Click Proceed to your Jelastic Dashboard to start using your billing account.