Database Сonnection Strings

All instances, created inside Jelastic Cloud, are operated as independent containers. To establish connection to a database from the application, deployed within application server, you need to set a connection string for it, using either:
  • CNAME of database, e.g. node{node_id}-{environment_name}.{hoster_domain}
  • Private IP address
  • Public IP address (if attached)

Note: Specifying localhost within a connection string will not work for establishing connection between application and database.
Depending on the engine that powers your environment, refer to one of the sections below:

Database Connection for Java Apps

Look through the table of database types to find the appropriate DB connection code for your application:

DB Type

Connection code


String URL = "jdbc:mysql://node{node_id}-{environment_name}.{hoster_domain}/{dbname}";
DriverManager.getConnection(URL, user_name,user_password);


String URL =  "jdbc:mysql://node{node_id}-{environment_name}.{hoster_domain}/{dbname}";
DriverManager.getConnection(URL, user_name,user_password);
Database Auto-Cluster (ProxySQL)String URL = "jdbc:mysql://proxy.{environment_name}.{hoster_domain}:3306/{dbname}";
DriverManager.getConnection(URL, user_name,user_password);


String URL = "jdbc:postgresql://node{node_id}-{environment_name}.{hoster_domain}/{dbname}";
DriverManager.getConnection(URL, user_name,user_password);


Mongo m = new Mongo(node{node_id}-{environment_name}.{hoster_domain});
DB db = m.getDB ({database_name});
if (db.authenticate(user_name,user_password.toCharArray())) {


String host = "node{node_id}-{environment_name}.{hoster_domain}";
int port = 80;
String username = "username";
String password = "password";

Session dbSession = new Session(host, port, username, password);

For the UTF-8 encoding, modify your connection string according to this:


Tip: Your hosting provider domain can be found within the last column of the appropriate table in the Hosters Info page.

In case your hosting provider platform has several environment regions to choose, the {hoster_domain} value for your environment can differ from the general platform’s one.

Database Connection for PHP Apps

Based on the used DB type, check out the connection code examples below and adjust your application appropriately:

DB Type

Connection code

MySQL and MariaDb

mysql_connect('HOST', 'USERNAME', 'PASSWORD')


Mongo("hostaddress", array("username" => "username", "password" => "password"))


pg_connect("host=host_address port=5432 dbname=postgres user=webadmin password=password")

Note: It is required to specify the host string without http://. The appropriate address and credentials are located in the email you’ve received upon database creation.