Custom External Domain Name Binding

custom domainWith Jelastic, you have a possibility to set external domain address for your site, instead of the default environment URL (i.e. {env_name}.{hoster_domain_name}). This allows to promote your own unique branding and improve your web application recognition over the Internet.

Before diving in, let's deal with some basic concepts for better understanding:
  • Domain is the name you specify within browser to access a website. The part of the name to the far right (for example .com or .org) is known as the top level domain (TLD), and the part before it - the second level domain (SLD). For example, for, “.com” is TLD and mycustomsite - SLD.
  • DNS is a system that converts textual domain names into numerical IP addresses, which are needed to locate and identify web services. For example, when you type into browser address bar, it looks for the actual IP address of the server that host this page, e.g. Herewith, if you type, you will arrive at the exactly same site.

Tip: Jelastic Cloud also provides the full gTLD + IDN Domain Names support, so you can use both internationalized and generic top-level names for your external domains.
So, let’s learn how to assign the preferable custom domain name to your Jelastic environment. Depending on used entry point, you have two options on how this can be done:
Note: We recommend to use Shared Load Balancer for your dev and test environments. As for production environments, which are intended to handle high traffic, it is more appropriate to use your own Public IP for processing requests.