Deploying Bitbucket Project via Maven

Maven is a build automation and software comprehension tool which is primarily used for Java programming. With Maven you can add any public or private project to Jelastic and build it in the cloud. Jelastic takes your application's source code directly from your version control system (SVN or Git). It is fast and uses little bandwidth, you get the efficiency of the cloud and can keep using your computer without any extra load and your project can stay unavailable for outsiders within your private Git/SVN repository.

If you used to work with Bitbucket hosting service for projects, which use the Git revision control systems, follow this instruction to add your project to Jelastic.

Create the Environment

  1. Log into the
    Jelastic Manager
  2. While in Jelastic dashboard, click the Create environment button:

  3. Pick an application server and select Maven as your build tool. Then specify the cloudlet limits, type your environment name, for example, bitbucket, and click Create.

  4. how to deploy app

Get the Repository Link

  1. Navigate to Bitbucket official web-site and log in the system.

  2. Click on the desired repository in the Repositories list.

  3. Here you should get the link to your project - just copy it from the following window:

  4. You've got the https:// link of the following kind:

  5. https://{USER_NAME}{USER_NAME}/{PROJECT_NAME}.git

    Delete {USER_NAME}@ part of the link to get such URL:{USER_NAME}/{PROJECT_NAME}.git

  6. Now all is ready for adding your project to the Jelastic cloud.

Add the Project

  1. Click the Add project button next to the Maven node in your environment.

  2. In the Add project dialog box choose the Git tab and fill in all required fields: Name of your project, Path (modified link) to your project, Branch, Login and Password of your repository, the name of your Environment and specify Context in which you will deploy your project. Click Apply.

  3. Now, just click on Build and deploy button and enjoy. That's all you have to do!

Update the Project

In case you've performed some changes in your code and want them to be applied to the project in Jelastic cloud, click Build and Deploy button next to the project in your environment.

That's all! Open your application and enjoy developing your project with Jelastic.