Billing System

Jelastic PaaS supports the following billing systems (the one used on your particular platform depends on the service provider):
  • WHMCS Billing System - Web Host Manager Complete Solution, is one of the leading web hosting management and billing softwares, which automates all aspects of the business
    Tip: The WHMCS integration is ensured with a help of the appropriate Jelastic plugin.  Below, you can check the detailed description and comparison of the two available versions
  • PBA Billing System - Parallels (Odin) Business Automation, is a billing automation solution for the small and medium web hosting businesses management and scaling
  • PBAS Billing System - Parallels (Odin) Business Automation Standard, is an automation solution, which supports management of all the business aspects of a web hosting service

Also, some particular hosting providers can opt to use custom billing system, in such a case refer to the appropriate provider’s documentation for the additional details.

WHMCS Plugin Versions

Jelastic plugin for WHMCS ensures a smooth integration of the billing system with the PaaS and allows to access some of the platform functionality directly from the WHMCS dashboard. Below, we’ll consider the difference between the two major plugin versions (2.x and 1.x).

FeaturesWHMCS 2.xWHMCS 1.x
All WHMCS payment methods++
Orders & invoices support++
Customer account registration in WHMCS++
Pre- & post-paid models++
“WHMCS credits” support++
SSO from Jelastic to WHMCS++
SSO from WHMCS to Jelastic+-
WHMCS discount mechanism++
Auto-refill for сredit card payment methods (Stripe, Authorized, SecurePay, etc)++
Invoice only service provisioning (without order generation)++
Jelastic account management via WHMCS dashboard:
  • WHMCS client registration at Jelastic PaaS
  • Create environments from Jelastic Marketplace
  • Add SSH keys
  • View environments list
  • Set environment cloudlets count
  • Enable/disable SSL for the environments