User gets this page when the url in the address line forwards to the environment where the application server is down or is not picked up yet.


  • Wait a few minutes, then refresh the page

If you have recently deployed a new version of your application, or made other significant changes or restarted the server, you might need to wait a few minutes for the server to become available.

If you get this error, refresh it after several minutes.

  • Check your application logs

This problem can be caused by errors in your code, so please re-check your code:

  • heck Application server logs

Click the Log button for the application server.

502 error page 4

The logs will appear in the panel as shown below: 502 error page Снимок

  • try to locate any errors
  • according to those errors double-check your application logic (locally, for example)
  • Increase cloudlet limits

This error can be caused by resources shortage for this application.

To solve the problem follow these steps:

Click Change environment topology button next to your environment.

502 error page 2 In the opened dialog box increase the Scaling Limit and click Apply. 502 error page 3

  • **Restart app server(s)**

    Сlick the Restart node button next to your application server. 502 error page 1

  • Contact your Hoster’s Support

    If previous recommendations did not solve the issue, contact support at your hosting provider.

To do this, click the Help button in the upper right corner of the dashboard and choose the Contact support line in the drop-down menu. 502 error page 16