User gets this page when the server with the deployed Docker template is not listening to the :80 port on its backend.

If this is not the intended workflow, please follow the recommendations below:

1. Wait a few minutes and refresh the page If you have recently deployed the new version of your Docker template, made any significant changes or restarted the node, you might need to wait for the corresponding service to be started and become available.

So just try to refresh this page in several minutes.

2. Check the logs Click the Log button next to the appropriate Docker container:

502 docker webserver down log x580 2 Examine the shown log files for the errors presence and fix them appropriately.

3. Check your server’s configuration This problem can be caused by improper configurations of your container, so please refer to the official Docker documentation and ensure your server has a HTTP service run and set for handling the incoming requests at the :80th port.