Automatic Vertical Scaling

Jelastic is the only cloud platform which can automatically scale any application. This is made possible by Jelastic's ability to change the amount of resources (RAM and CPU) provided to a server.

As soon as an applications load grows, the platform simply makes additional resources available to it. When the load goes down again, the resources get reduced by the platform automatically.

Jelastic measures resources in cloudlets. A cloudlet is roughly equivalent to 128 MB RAM and 200Mhz CPU core.

Newly created environment gets a certain amount of cloudlets. Resource consumption depends on the type and quantity of your software stack.

If you need to scale existing environment, the maximum number of available resources (cloudlets) can be increased manually through Environment topology.

When the application starts extra unused cloudlets are added or reduced automatically based on the growth / fall of the load. Adding or reducing cloudlets typically takes only 1 or 2 seconds.

Within your settings you can chose your scalability limits - and thus effectively put caps on the budget you are ready to spend.

Note: Vertical scaling feature is applicable for any type of instance in environment.

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