How to set environment variables in GlassFish admin console

  1. Click the last button for GlassFish in your environment, choose Admin panel > Login in the appeared list (or you can follow the link to the Admin console which you've got in the email after creating environment).

  2. Fill in Username and Password which you've got in the email after creating environment.

  3. Choose gfcluster-config > JVM Settings in the list. Then click on the JVM Options tab.

  4. Click on Add JVM option . Fill in the path to the JAR file you've uploaded to the home folder. In our case:

  5. -javaagent:/opt/glassfish3/temp/newrelic.jar

  6. Click Save button. If everything is correct you'll get the next message:

  7. manage glassfish

  8. Restart GlassFish.
  9. That's all. In such a way you can manage GlassFish environment variables in Admin console.